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The extraction arms consist of articulated pipes providing  great flexibility. Together with the internal spring or the external gas spring, the construction is self-supporting. The movable joints can easily and quickly be positioned during the working process.
A work cabinet is a stationary 
extraction encapsulating the pollutant. The cabinet is efficient for work processes generating a large amount of pollution such as dust. Also by work with samples and analysis, it is advantageous to place the equipment in a cabinet.


The airflow alarm is quite unique because it is designed for mounting directly on the individual extraction arm. With its adjustable alarm limit, it gives both a visual and an audible signal when the airflow through the  extraction arm falls below the prescribed level and becomes insuficcient. 
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Our accessory line includes many hood designs for each system which makes it possible to choose the best hood for your work process and type of pollution. A complete extraction arm consists of 3 parts; the extraction arm, the hood and the mounting bracket.
Find all our brackets for mounting the extraction arm on the table, wall or ceiling.
Table Bracket, U-profile, Wall Bracket and Ceiling Column.
The ceiling columns are available in length up to 2.5 m.


The flat screen kit consists of a flat screen hood, a stup pipe and a bracket for the hood.
The bracket can be placed on the table but also hang on the wall.
Connect the flat screen kit directly to the ventilation duct. 
At Alsident System A/S we are specialists in extraction and supply many different trades and work processes with extraction arms. We develop our products and product range continously to achieve optimal flexibility to comply with various demands and applications. We have chosen to concentrate our product range on extraction arms and cabinets.
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